The project is situated in a cul-de-sac in San Ramon, East Bay, within a residential neighborhood consisting entirely of single-family dwelling units. 
The client's request was to incorporate a separate area for their two children. The design concept aimed to seamlessly integrate new and existing from the exterior view parts of the house, both in style and functionality while distinctly differentiating between the new and existing elements from the interior of the house. 
This project marked a transformative experience for the entire family. We added a living room, a bathroom, and two bedrooms, creating a designated living space where the children can play, watch TV, and complete their homework. The design approach focused on blending the new elements with the existing structure, ensuring a harmonious yet bold distinction between the old and the new.
A great addition to the existing house
A new living space add to exciting house
 Two new bedrooms and a bathroom
A comfortable kid's bedroom with two windows
New living room for family gathering.
New bathroom with mirror and a floating wood vanity
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