About Us

Studio Etude was founded in 2020 by AmirHossein Jafari and Mahram Akhavan two young and passionate designers. 
Amir grew up in Tehran, Iran, received his bachelor's in architecture from the University of Kurdistan. He continues his educational journey to Syracuse University to pursue his master's degree in Architecture. He believes the goal of architecture is to improve the life and built environment quality. He peruses his idea through projects on single-family, multi-family residential, retails, and office space. He is interested in working on sustainability projects, cafés, restaurants, single and multi family residence. He likes competitions too! He worked in Princeton and New York City before he moves to the Bay Area. His interests are travel, cooking, archery and writing! 
Mahram grew up in Mashhad, Iran where she finds her passion in architecture and graduated with a BA degree in Architecture. Being curious to find out out about other cultures, She spent 2 years in Penang, Malaysia and took some architecture courses in USM university.
With her goal in making  harmony in space for people and community ,she has worked on multi-family, single-family, clinical design, and prefabricated construction projects. In addition to architecture, she likes to paint, travel, read books, and learn French
Photo by Raha Shirazi
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