Studio Etude was founded in 2020 by AmirHossein Jafari and Mahram Akhavan two young and passionate designers. 
Amir grew up in Tehran, Iran, received his bachelor's in architecture from the University of Kurdistan. He continues his educational journey to Syracuse University to pursue his master's degree in Architecture. He believes the goal of architecture is to improve the life and built environment quality. He peruses his idea through residential projects. He worked in Princeton and New York City before he moves to the Bay Area. He is also hosting a podcast as well!
Mojtaba grew up in Babol, Iran where he graduated with a Bachelor’s and master’s degree in architecture. To fulfill his dreams and pursue his passion for architecture, he moved to Tehran, to get the experience of advanced architecture. He believes in designs that are both functional and creative. He is passionate about creating efficient, attractive, and sustainable environments. He’s experienced in designing commercial, Single-family, and multi-family residential projects. His hobbies are traveling, reading books, playing, and listening to music.
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