In Livermore, California, we're bringing a unique vision to life. We decided to finish designing a detached Accessory Dwelling Unit that was left incomplete. This ADU covers 1200 square feet and is all about simplicity and modern style, where every detail has been carefully thought out to make the space useful and beautiful. ​​​​​​​The main idea for this design is to mix simplicity and modern design. We want it to have clean lines, open spaces, and be practical. ​​​​​​​One great feature of this ADU is the big, well-lit living area. We want it to feel open and connected to the outside. We've placed big windows in just the right spots to let in lots of natural light. This not only looks nice but also saves energy. The living area is like the heart of the building, where life happens. It's a big space that can be used in different ways, whether it's for everyday living or having friends over. You can relax on a comfy couch or sit around a dining table—it's flexible for whatever you need. The ADU also has two bedrooms that are designed for comfort and practicality. They're meant to be peaceful places where you can unwind. ​​​​​​​One of the best things about this Livermore ADU is how it connects to the outdoors. The big glass wall opens to the yard, bringing the beauty of nature inside. This outdoor area can be used for gardening, outdoor meals, or simply enjoying the California sun. ​​​​​​​In the world of architecture, this Livermore ADU is a reminder that simple, well-thought-out design can create a beautiful and functional living space. It shows us that life can be a work of art when we plan it with care. 
Modern Design ADU
3D view of ADU
Kitchen Interior Design
Living room View
Modern ADU
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