Creative Architectural Design Studio
Studio Etude is a creative architectural design studio in Walnut Creek, California rooted in modern architectural and interior design. Our specialties are single-family residence, accessory units, remodeling, renovation, and extension.
Studio Etude designs eco-friendly, sleek, and minimal spaces that give comfort and sensational experience to building users. We collaborate closely with our clients and consultants to make sure the design process is well-coordinated and cost-effective to bring artistic solutions to the client's circumstances. Our design medium is light and texture that entangles together to create harmonious space and elevate life quality by providing intricate designs.
How we can help you:
Architectural Services
Schematic design, design development, construction documentation, and construction administration.
Design Services
New construction, renovation, remodel for a single-family residence, interior design, low-rise residence, and accessory units (ADU).
Additional Services
3D Modeling, rendering, and consultation.
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