The project was to design a new monument to present the ‹new Jerusalem. › The monument depicts the city as a united one city, encourage the citizens of each side hopeful to a united future and define itself as the symbol of Jerusalem by montaging the new with the old symbol to have the legacy of the past. In designing Copula Hall in The City and The City, it functions as a checkpoint between the two cities. The concept of the design is to make the checkpoint monumental as well as to facilitate the traffic from Berszel and Ul Qoma. The design does not only function as a checkpoint but also as the monument. In addition, people and traffic can pass through as well as working as the monument of the city for both Berszel and Ul Qoma. «It is one of the few places that has the same name in both cities because it›s not crosshatched building nor Alter building. » (The City and the City, 59) Project
The concept is to design a monument that is the representative of the united Jerusalem with the same values for both populations, even though both populations ignore each other but Cupola Hall is the only one that has the same value for both populations, and they have taken the advantage of the same benefits.
On the other hand, it should have the characteristics of Cupola Hall in the book. The environment of story has somehow eastern European/ Western Asian connotations. Such as in Berszel is economically has a lower rate than Ul Qoma. The book and its addresses are more like Ex-Yugoslavian/Ex-Ottoman Empire countries. In addition to its monumentality, it also facilitates the traffic and works as a checkpoint between Palestinian and Israelian part. 
As a result, I considered Ilirska Bistrica in Slovenia as a moncument in a place that was historically was some part of Ex-Yugoslavian/Ex-Ottoman as precedent. So, I collaged Dome of the Rock›s plaza with the designed monument as a pose to present the new United monument that is united for both sides with the same values such as not being ignored by the other side. Also, Ilirska Bistrica, as precedent can go through so cars can go passing through. In this case, monument becomes a neutral zone for citizens of both sides they also can walk through the other side and connecting Islamic Quarter neighborhood to Armenian Quarter neighborhood. I designed the monument and checkpoints a way to merge the crosshatch areas into one united road. In fact, roads from Palestine and Israel merge into one road and able to enter the checkpoint and going the other side of the old city.

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